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Red Browser

If you browse the internet with Red Browser, you don’t have to worry about cleaning up your history or your last visited pages popping up when opening the app. History will be deleted automatically if you close the app!

There is also an option to secure your secret bookmarks! Have them locked away safely: only you can see and acces them! No history of you visiting them will be recorded! TouchID acces is available.

While other modern mobile browsers feature an incognito or private mode, Red Browser is still unique in its design and performance.

No other browser is as splash proof as Red Browser!

No other browser is as simple and elegant as Red Browser!

"Simple, elegant & useful!"

iDash (Dashboard Symbols)

Always have the meaning of the dashboard symbols at hand!

As cars have become more and more complex, the number of dashboard warning lights and indicators has grown extremely. Modern electronic systems like airbags, stability control systems and dozens more are constantly self-testing and it’s important to know whether a warning light requires immediate actions or whether it is just a positive indicator.

This app features:

* 90+ symbols!

* Detailed symbol descriptions!

* Multiple display types, to quickly find the symbol you are looking for!

* An adjustable text size, for the optimal reading experience!

Every driver has ever seen a strange dashboard symbol or found an unfamiliar button in their car and wondered what it meant. Luckily, this app is here to help. You will no longer wonder what a symbol means after using this app!


BV-D Software is an iOS application development company with a passion for the optimal use of the latest technologies!

With over 5 years of experience now, we have grown to an extensive company that works out their own ideas as well as apps & websites for others!

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